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New Discount for FISM Card owners!

Latest News | Commenti disabilitati su New Discount for FISM Card owners!
New Discount for FISM Card owners!
DO YOU HAVE A FISM CARD? A 10% discount is available for you on subscriptions to www.doublefond.tv 😊
Send a picture of your card to contact@doublefond.tv and your promo code will be sent to you.
YOU DON’T HAVE A FISM CARD? Go to //fism.org/fism-card/

A 100% magic streaming platform.

Some performers in the arts community, such as those at the Théâtre Le Double Fond, haven’t been idle while waiting for the reopening of their theatre. Faced with the crisis, these artists have been reinventing themselves!
On February 1, 2021, Alexandra & Dominique Duvivier, the father-daughter magic duo, and the team at the Double Fond, the famous theater-café for magic in Paris, launched a 100% magic streaming platform. This platform offers videos to learn or to improve in magic and to watch magic shows. It has been an immediate success!

Double Fond TV already has more than 500 videos available, corresponding to hundreds of hours of unrestricted magic viewing, available in 50 different categories (Close-up Magic, Card Magic, Magic with Apparatus, Mentalism…). The best magicians in the world are sharing their secrets and previously unpublished routines on the platform in order to provide the very best content.

1. The world’s best magicians such as: Gaetan Bloom, Henry Evans, Chad Long, Howard Hamburg, Michael Weber, Paul Gertner, Dominique Duvivier, Laurent Beretta, Boris Wild, David Stone, Jean-Luc Bertrand, Alexandra Duvivier, Christian Engblom, Steve Beam, Woody Aragon, Mario Lopez, Eric Antoine…
2. New content is added weekly
3. For the launch, a new artist every month
Subscription without obligation
– “I’m a beginner” subscription: € 9.99 per month (or € 99.90 per year, save 2 months)
– “I’m passionate and becoming a member of the community” subscription: € 19.99 per month (or € 199.90 per year, save 2 months)
– “I’m addicted to magic and becoming an Honored Member of the community” subscription: € 28.99 per month (or € 289.90 per year, save 2 months)
“I love the magic of Dominique Duvivier and his visionary taste for good magic. His new streaming channel is a guarantee of extreme quality. The best content awaits you. The magicians who are with him in this new adventure are definitely world class.”
Michael Web
“I am giving you a standing ovation and exalting “Bravo.” Double Fond TV is one of the best presentations of magic I have ever seen. Every magician, professional or a hobbyist, MUST have what you have created as part of their magic library. In previous conversations we have had I mentioned that the Professor had remarked on numerous occasions that it is not the final effect that is important, but rather, the journey to it. The history of magic is extremely important and what Double Fond TV presents touches upon all the important elements of magic. I congratulate you for what you have presented to the magic fraternity.”
Howard Hamburg