FISM Card 


How can you get the FISM card ?

How can you get the FISM card ?
There will be two procedures :

1-  any society can provide us with the list of their members to get the corresponding cards to be given to them;


2-  the second one is willing and personal, that is to say, each individual will have to prove that their society belongs to FISM and continues to do so. The request will be addressed to us directly

If a member belongs to several FISM societies, they will have to notify us what their main society is (the one they visit the most or have visited for a long time). It is THIS society which will be mentioned at the head of the card. Other FISM societies will be allowed to be mentioned, but not more than three.

Why should I get the FISM card?

A few years ago, all societies were asked to welcome to their conventions members of other societies and to offer them the same advantages as those offered to the organizing societies. This was done but the check of the validity who they were affiliated to proved to be difficult.
Thanks to the FISM card, this check will be made easier and discounts will only be made to official members.
A lot of contacts are being taken and will be taken with the main dealers in order to offer the owners of the card special conditions, such as discounts and privileged services.  It will also be easier to give the members of FISM societies dedicated and personalized information (calendar of the different competitions, conventions, activities…).
It will also make it easier in the short term to develop the “feeling of being part of”, which is essential to the development of our magic societies and their services as well.
The list of the advantages and dedicated services will definitely increase with the time and the editing of more and more cards.

Validity and general conditions

The FISM card will only be valid during the FISM membership (three years maximum), for instance from July 1, 2022 until June 30, 2025.
It will only be given to the members of the FISM societies who pay their fees every three years.
Any information we get for the card editing will strictly remain confidential and only be used internally. It will be forbidden to transmit the cards or to do business with them. However, they will offer better statistics reading of the number of FISM members; they will also allow each of the FISM societies to be correctly represented in our Federation.
The FISM card is free of charge. However, an administrative management fee of 5 Euros will be charged for the electronic version of the card. For a physical card, a fee of 10 Euros will be charged to cover printing and postage costs.

Will the FISM card prevent FISM societies from working normally?

Not at all, since it will highlight the importance of the FISM societies by giving them a better visibility.
It will also inform individual members about the existence of this world Federation, and therefore, the societies which will be given the right to allow FISM memberships will increase their value and be better seen and more successful.
Finally a better knowledge of our members will allow us to propose more adapted and targeted projects.

Safer transactions

FISM also wants to set up a pre-registering system to WCM before the next organizing society is chosen by the General Assembly. Therefore the FISM card will make the registration safer and guaranteed. Indeed, each FISM card will be given a unique ID code to avoid transcription mistakes at the registration; transaction receipts and follow-ups will be available on line too.
The nominated organizing society will receive a complete and accurate list of the registered members, thus registrations will be managed more efficiently.

To conclude

This presentation of the advantages of the FISM card and why it is interesting is not exhaustive since we will never stop looking for new possibilities and more concrete advantages.
A Federation like ours has to keep on being more and more reliable and efficient; therefore a better knowledge of FISM societies and their members is necessary.
We are happy to highlight that we have already received some very positive feed-back from the dealers and convention organizers who are keen on being associated with this project.