Andrea Baioni


FISM International President

Dear Friends in Magic,


After I was elected President of FISM Europe on 2021, I felt a strong responsibility to work hard to give my contribution to the Magic environment in such a hard time with a health emergency that is not finished yet and with dangerous political and economic instability, and be elected on 2022 FISM International President has made grow my feeling of responsibility.


Since 2008, when I was involved in FISM projects (as a Judge and Consultant)  I understood that FISM is a wonderful home for all the Associations and Magicians, where everybody has the opportunity to compare each other and share their own ideas of Magic. I have always followed a simple rule to develop my projects for FISM: study the past, read the present, and design the future.


In this path, I was lucky to work around the world with devotee Presidents, passionate Magicians, enthusiastic Consultants 24/7 available, great thinkers (like Gerrit Brengman),  tireless managers (like Satoru Yamamoto, Peter Din, Priska Walther, Christina Nyman, and Xavier Tapias).


I understood the Continental peculiarities thanks to  Continental Presidents (Hector Carrion, Renée-Claude Auclair, David Gore, Timothy McDougall, and again Satoru Yamamoto, and their predecessors). 

I received inspiration from a pragmatic FISM Europe President (like John Pye), but more than this, I received trust and support from a great President: Domenico Dante.


All these opportunities made me grow as a person, a magician, and a manager.

In my 25 years career as an entrepreneur, I  have always believed in teamwork and in the culture of "doing more than talking". 


This will be my way of being the President of FISM International: work together to make our house (FISM) more comfortable and bigger.


Last but not least I want to thank, all the  Presidents/Delegates to support me in this election, sure they will support and help me and FISM in the next 6 years, and the Organizers of FISM WCM Quebec 2022 to let me start my Presidency with a great convention that shows that nothing is impossible, and a huge thanks to my wife and my son to be always beside me.


All the best,


Andrea Baioni            

FISM International President


2003 - 2006 - 2009 - 2012 - 2015 - 2018 - 2022

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