The FISM History

Video by Alex Romanoff (research conducted by Aldo Ghiurmino) 

Credits: Art of Impossible



The FISM History...



In 2025, thousands of magicians will gather in Turin, Italy, to perform, exchange ideas, and compete. This event will mark the 29th FISM World Championship of Magic. FISM, the International Federation of Magic Societies, is an organization that unites magic clubs worldwide. However, when magicians refer to "FISM," they typically mean the event, which occurs every three years in a different city. For instance, it was held in Quebec, Canada, in 2022, and in 2025, it will take place in Turin, Italy.


The event comprises two parts: the FISM World Championship of Magic, where hundreds of contestants perform their acts live on stage in front of an audience and a jury panel, and a magic convention. At the end of the event, the jury awards the best acts, in their opinion, in several categories. Thousands gather at the convention to attend lectures and workshops by famous magicians, explore a dealer's room with a vast array of magic-related items, and most importantly, to spend time together. This makes for a truly unique experience. 


The significance of FISM extends beyond the competition itself, serving as a pivotal moment in the history of magic. It represents the evolution of the art form and its community, from the founding of the first magic magazines and societies in the 19th century to the international conventions that began in the 1930s. The idea of a global magic convention solidified in 1937, leading to the establishment of FISM as the "Olympics of Magic."


FISM's history is rich with stories of challenges, competitive spirit, and innovation. It has grown to include six continental divisions, 112 member societies, and thousands of magicians worldwide. The event not only showcases the competitive aspect of magic but also emphasizes the art's capacity to unite people across different languages and nationalities, offering a sense of belonging to a global community of magicians.


This story, brought to you in collaboration with FISM, invites you to explore the origins, developments, and the future of the most epic magic event, promising an experience even more magical than the world of Harry Potter.


Stay tuned for more stories about FISM and its legendary winners.