Interview with FISM International President Andrea Baioni

Interview by Alex Romanoff 

Credits: Art of Impossible



Interview with FISM International President Andrea Baioni



In this interview, Alex Romanoff (Art of Impossible Channel's author) had a fascinating conversation with Andrea Baioni, the President of FISM International, delving into various aspects of magic, FISM's history, goals, and the future of magic competitions.


Andrea Baioni shared insights into his personal journey with magic, his favorite types of magic, and how he transitioned from being a performer to becoming involved in the management and organizational aspects of magic and emphasized the importance of competition in fostering innovation and growth within the magic community.

He discussed the evolution of FISM from its inception to its current role as a global platform for magicians and he highlighted the lessons learned from the past, such as the importance of unity among magic societies and the need to push magicians to excel on the world stage.


The conversation also touched upon critical objectives of FISM, including the fight against exposure and copies of magic acts, as well as the preservation of magic's rich history. The President shared his views on how to practically address these challenges, emphasizing the need to focus on delivering emotional experiences rather than solely guarding secrets.

Regarding the evaluation of magic acts, Andrea Baioni explained the criteria used by FISM judges and discussed the complexities of judging. He highlighted efforts to ensure originality in magic acts and the ongoing training and qualification of judges to maintain high standards in competitions.


The President also addressed the issue of diversity and inclusivity in magic, advocating for a more inclusive approach that celebrates individual uniqueness while actively involving more women and individuals with disabilities in the magic community.


Looking ahead to FISM 2025 and beyond, Andrea Baioni expressed a vision for making magic competitions more accessible and visible to the general public through increased media coverage and innovative promotional strategies.

He shared his daily tasks as FISM President, which include handling emails, engaging with magic communities worldwide, and working on projects to enhance the organization's reach and impact.

In conclusion, the FISM President Andrea Baioni offered valuable advice for aspiring magicians, emphasizing the importance of understanding competition rules, staying true to oneself, and continuously seeking to innovate and improve.


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