Norbert Ferré Unveiled: Insights from a FISM Champion

Interview by Andrea Baioni FISM International President (research conducted by Aldo Ghiurmino) 

Credits: Pictures provided by Norbert Ferré

FISM: When did you decide to participate in the FISM World Championship of Magic?

Norbert Ferré: My decision to participate in the FISM World Championships of Magic for the first time dates back to the year 2000, for the edition organized in Lisbon by Luis De Matos. It was a significant milestone for me, not only because it was my first foray into such a prestigious event, but also because I clinched the second prize in manipulation there. This initial success had a profound impact on my career and my passion for magic. For me, this edition was the most memorable and beautiful, not just because of my personal achievement, but also due to the incredible atmosphere and the spirit of camaraderie I experienced. It was a mix of nervousness and excitement, a challenge I was thrilled to take on. The beauty of Lisbon and the hospitality of the organizers, especially Luis De Matos, contributed to making this experience unforgettable.


FISM: What factors influenced your decision to participate to FISM WCM?

NF: My decision to participate in the FISM World Championship of Magic was somewhat a result of pure chance. Back in 2000, there weren't all the selection processes we have now. My friend, David Stone, told me he wanted to participate. The next day, I told him I would participate with him. 


FISM: What were your biggest fears and insecurities leading up to the FISM WCM?

NF: Before the FISM World Championship of Magic, I was faced with a number of fears and insecurities, notably the fear of not living up to expectations and the apprehension of being judged. However, the energy and carefreeness that often come with youth softened these fears, allowing me to approach the competition with boosted confidence. This positive attitude, centered around a passion for magic and the opportunity to share my art, not only helped me overcome my apprehensions but also enriched my experience. I learned that a determined approach to our fears can transform our journey, leaving room for memorable moments and a valuable life lesson: it's our attitude towards challenges, more than the outcome itself, that defines our experience.


FISM: What aspects of your performance were you most confident about?

NF: While I felt confident about the distinctive aspects of my performance, such as my unique style, original approach, and innovative techniques, I kept in mind that every participant also had their own strengths and originality to bring to the competition.


FISM: How did the preliminary rounds of the FISM WCM go for you?

NF: In 2003, during my participation, the FISM World Championship of Magic did not include preliminary rounds, as is the case today. Eligibility for the global contest was determined by winning a prize at a national convention. In my case, I was awarded the third prize at the FFAP convention in Perpignan, a city in France. This recognition allowed me to qualify for the world championships.


FISM: Can you describe your experience during the final round of FISM WCM?

NF: Answering this question brings back wonderful memories. The final round of the FISM World Championship of Magic was an absolutely magnificent moment, marked by intense concentration.


FISM: What happened after you were declared the FISM WCM Grand Prix?

NF: After being declared the Grand Prix winner of the FISM World Championship of Magic in 2003, in the Netherlands, the first thought that crossed my mind was a sharp realization: it was time for me to get down to serious work.

FISM: How did you handle and manage your success following the victory of the FISM Grand Prix?

NF: After being declared the Grand Prix winner of the FISM World Championship of Magic in 2003, in the Netherlands, the first thought that crossed my mind was a sharp awareness of the moment's significance. Driven by this realization, I immediately contacted my family and friends to share my victory. I confided to them that from that moment on, I needed to double my efforts to honor this recognition.


FISM: Do you want to add any feelings or anecdotes about your trip for winning the FISM World Championship of Magic?

NF: I'd like to share an anecdote that perhaps few people know or remember. In 2003, during my participation in my second World Magic Championship in The Hague, Netherlands, it was the first time a dual competition was held: one to award first prizes in each category, followed by another to determine the Grand Prix winners in stage magic and close-up magic. This approach was considered innovative at the time.



We thank you Norbert Ferré for sharing his enriching experiences and memories from the FISM World Championships of Magic. His journey is a testament to the spirit of our magical community and the personal growth that comes through artistic expression.


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