10 Frequently Asked Questions about FISM World Championship of Magic

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Here, we've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help you navigate the intricacies of the competition.

Whether you're a seasoned magician planning to compete, a magic enthusiast, or just curious about the rules and procedures of this prestigious event, these FAQs are designed to provide clear and concise answers.

From participation criteria to performance guidelines, we've covered essential topics to ensure you have all the information you need for a successful experience at the FISM WCM.


Q: Who can participate in the FISM World Championship of Magic (WCM)?
A: Any magician who has attained the FISM Level and is a member of a FISM-affiliated society, with the necessary authorizations, can participate.


Q: Are there any restrictions on previous winners participating?
A: Yes, contestants who have been awarded a Grand Prix in previous WCMs are not allowed to compete again with essentially the same act.


Q: What are the categories in the contest?
A: The contest includes Stage Magic and Close-up Magic performances, with specific subcategories such as Manipulation, General Magic, Stage Illusions, Comedy Magic, Mental Magic, Card Magic, Micro Magic, and Parlour Magic.


Q: How is the jury composed and what is their role?
A: The jury consists of 7-9 judges for each category, including a chairman. The judges are responsible for awarding prizes and ensuring adherence to FISM contest rules.


Q: What are the judging criteria?
A: Contestants are evaluated based on Technical Skill/Handling, Showmanship/Presentation, Entertainment Value, Artistic Impression/Routining, Originality, and Magic Atmosphere.


Q: Can acts be disqualified?
A: Yes, acts that are copies of another performer, involve pre-arranged arrangements with volunteers, or are below FISM standards can be disqualified.


Q: What are the rules regarding act duration and content?
A: Acts must be at least five minutes and not more than ten minutes (except for Mentalism). They must be complete acts, not single tricks, and adhere to legal requirements for music and other rights.


Q: Are there specific awards for invention?
A: Yes, the jury can issue awards for invention in both stage and close-up categories. Inventions must be part of an act and claimed during registration.


Q: How is the Grand Prix awarded?
A: The Grand Prix is awarded in the second phase of judging for both Stage and Close-up Magic, based on the highest total points from judges.

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Q: What are the language requirements for the performances?
A: Performances can be in any language. However, if the act relies significantly on language for understanding, it is recommended to provide English translations or subtitles.


Q: How can contestants apply for the FISM WCM?
A: Contestants must apply through their national magic societies, which are affiliated with FISM. The societies are responsible for the preliminary selection and nomination process.


Q: Are there any specific regulations regarding the use of animals in performances?
A: Yes, there are strict guidelines regarding the humane treatment of animals. Acts using animals must comply with these regulations and demonstrate ethical treatment throughout the performance.


Q: Can participants use assistants in their acts?
A: Yes, participants are allowed to use assistants. However, the use and involvement of assistants must adhere to the overall rules and artistic integrity of the performance.