Eric Chien: The Inspiring Tale of Eric Chien, from FISM Champion to Worldwide Stardom

Interview by Andrea Baioni FISM International President (research conducted by Aldo Ghiurmino) 

FISM: When did you decide to participate in the FISM World Championship of Magic?

Eric Chien: I made that decision in 2017.


FISM: What factors influenced your decision to participate in the FISM WCM?

EC: I have always been a competitive person, and I also wanted to see how my magic skills stacked up against the best in the world.


FISM: What were your biggest fears and insecurities leading up to the FISM WCM?

EC: One of my biggest challenges was not finishing the construction of my props until just four days before FISM. This left me with very little time to practice, and I was extremely apprehensive about making mistakes on stage.


FISM: What aspects of your performance were you most confident about?

EC: I was confident in the uniqueness of my act, something that had never been seen before. My performance was also highly visual.


FISM: How did the preliminary rounds of the FISM WCM go for you?

EC: It went surprisingly well. I had no prior stage experience before FISM, so I was incredibly nervous. When I stepped onto the stage, I essentially "blacked out" due to nervousness, and my body went into autopilot.


FISM: Can you describe your experience during the final round of FISM WCM?

EC: It was quite an adventure. I didn't finish setting up my props, and the curtains unexpectedly opened on me. I was even dragged off stage by someone, but then the curtains closed again. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every second on that stage.


FISM: What happened after you were declared the FISM WCM Grand Prix winner?

EC: My phone was inundated with messages. We celebrated with a fantastic party alongside many other contestants. However, I also felt somewhat lost because FISM had been my sole goal since 2017, and I didn't know what to do next. I lacked other plans, and suddenly everyone had exceptionally high expectations of me.


FISM: How did you handle and manage your success following the victory of the FISM Grand Prix?

EC: I decided to sign up for Asia's Got Talent, where I emerged victorious. I also participated in America's Got Talent and won there too. I clinched the BGT Ultimate Magician title and even went on a Broadway tour. I traveled the world, performing my magic.


FISM: Would you like to share any additional feelings or anecdotes about your journey following your win at the FISM World Championship of Magic?

EC: It was an exhilarating journey. I had less than a week to practice my act, largely due to the last-minute completion of my props. FISM WCM marked only my second time on stage, making it an incredibly nerve-wracking experience. Although I was overjoyed to win the Grand Prix, I understood that it was just the beginning of my magical career.



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