Interview with Renée-Claude Auclair, President of FISM North America and FISM WCM 2022 Organizer

Interview by Andrea Baioni FISM International President (research conducted by Aldo Ghiurmino) 

Credits: Pictures provided by Renée-Claude Auclair


FISM: What was the first time you went in touch with FISM, and what memory do you have of that moment?
Renée-Claude Auclair: My first FISM event was a FISM NACM in St-Louis, Missouri, USA, in July 2014. Pierre Hamon and I participated in order to understand what it was and maybe bring that kind of event in Quebec City to complement our Magic Festival. I was very impressed by the combined convention organized by IBM and SAM . That is also when I had the pleasure to meet Mrs. Joan Caesar and Mr. Shawn Farquhar who were involved in the jury for Joan and as a dealer for Shawn at the time. They both became very important to us in order to organize FISM events in 2021 and 2022.


FISM: Before becoming Continental President, was there something in FISM that you wanted to change or improve?
RCA: I was very impressed by FISM support programs for the competitors in other continents. So I wanted to be more involved in the North American board to eventually offer a special program, with all the North American Associations, to support the future North American competitors. I also had the desire to organize FISM NACM and FISM WCM in North America, precisely in Québec City, Canada.


FISM: As Continental President, what is the project you are most proud of that you contributed to?
RCA: Being Continental President but also the co-organizer with Pierre Hamon of FISM NACM 2021 and WCM 2022 I am very proud to have produced both events in Québec City with our wonderful team. I really think that it was important for North American magicians to live this experience and I am certain that the fact that it was closer, for the first time in North America, made it easier to attend.

I also would like to mention that our FISM NA board is now supporting a new program for the North American competitors and the leader of this program is Mr. Marc De Souza. He is creating the program with 1 representative from each of our organizations as I had hoped. I am very proud because our competitors will eventually have more support and more tools to realize their dream of competing at FISM WCM.

FISM: In an era where magic is increasingly present online, on TV, and in public spaces, how do you think FISM can adapt without compromising its tradition? What are the challenges and opportunities?
RCA: I believe FISM has a very good reputation worldwide and magicians still like to attend it in person every 3 years. I think that creating the FISM recognized events and FISM judges program is helping a lot to let magicians know about FISM's involvement worldwide and on a regular basis. The FISM card members program is also a good tool for FISM to be seen all year long. It is important to be active on social media and you are already working on this aspect. I think FISM needs to be aware of all the new public events on-line or in person to monitor what they do well that attracts the attention of the magicians. Maybe do some partnerships with some of the popular and professional events could be a good opportunity if that is a win-win situation.

FISM: What is the main obstacle that FISM must overcome to continue growing, and how can the organization address these challenges?
RCA: Younger magicians do not seem to attend conventions in person so much. That is a challenge worldwide. But I think FISM can unite magicians every 3 years because of its strong brand. Continue to promote it is as the most important event in magic worldwide is important. Continue to improve the communication with all the continents is important and if possible find good sponsors that can offer more to the competitors and to the participants. Also maybe promote more how the life of the competitors can change for the best after competing at FISM.

FISM: Looking ahead, how do you envision FISM's role in promoting the art of magic globally in the coming years?
RCA: In my opinion, FISM should be a leader in promoting the art of magic. Maybe find a way to inform all the groups that are trying to get magic recognized as an art in their part of the world. That would help for sure to have all the positive actions that are done worldwide when one is trying to do it also.

FISM: Do you want to add any feelings or anecdotes about your experience as FISM Continental President?
RCA: I would like to say I feel very fortunate to collaborate with all of our FISM NA board members. We now have 7 organisations involved in North America and we have very dedicated members who meet on a regular basis. They are: Mike Caveney, AMA, Joan Caesar, CAM, myself, CMQ, Joey Cranford, CRT, Erik Tait, IBM, Dal Sanders, SAM and Trixie Bond, TAOM.

We look forward to welcoming magicians from all around the world from August 30th to September 2nd, 2024 in Texas, for the next FISM NA qualifications. You can visit for all the information. Hoping to see you all there!


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